Youtube advertising

Promote your business through affordable and cost-effective YouTube advertising services and send your marketing message to the right people.

YouTube advertising services

Advertising over YouTube can be a lot better option against the very costly television advertising.

If you want to showcase quality video content then YouTube Advertising is a must.

Types of Youtube ads:

  • TrueView In-Stream - Viewers have the option to watch the entire video, or to "skip" ("skip ad") after 5 seconds. Advertisers will be charged only if the user watches the video clip for at least 30 seconds.
  • TrueView In-Display - Viewers have the option to click on your ad. The advertiser pays only when a user opens and starts watching the video.
  • TrueView In-Search ads - Ad appears in the search results

Why YouTube Advertising?

  • The largest website for displaying video content
  • The most visited site in the world
  • Over 4 billion video views per day
  • Pay per 1000 ad impressions or if user viewed the video for at least 30 seconds

Our services include:

  • Design, construction and management of campaigns
  • Connecting YouTube advertising with your Google AdWords Campaign
  • Tracking campaign results and reporting on time
  • Counsulting and support
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