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Complete service from website development and web application development, web design, SEO search engine optimization, advertising and maintenance.

Website development, web design, marketing, website maintenance

Complete service from website development and web application development, web design, SEO search engine optimization, advertising and maintenance.

Web development

Creating a new or redesign an existing websites and applications optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

SEO search engine optimization

Optimizing websites for search engines. The better positioning of the website in organic Google searches.


Working on market analysis, research, ideas development, business strategy and usability testing.

Graphic & Web Design

Branding and identity design, websites, logos, business cards, posters and promotional materials and banners.

Internet Marketing

Digital Strategy & Promotion, E-mail marketing, Content writing, Social media management and advertising.

Support & Website maintenace

Maintenance and technical support, Hosting & web site security, monitoring availability of web sites.

Project Management

We approach each task individually and through the phases we work on projects, realizing the required tasks, characteristics and functionalities, which bring results and improve the online business of the company. The processes include detailed analysis and information gathering, design and programming, optimization for mobile devices, SEO optimization, social network management, testing, constant improvement and maintenance. The ultimate goal is to meet the set goals, such as increasing sales, website visits, spreading news via the Internet about products and services.

Planning and gathering information

At the planning stage, we will together define tasks and goals, and begin collecting and analyzing information that you will need. We will analyze keywords, competition and market, make a specification and plan of activities in order to achieve the desired results.

Designing a conceptual solution

We will build a visual identity that suits your company and the industry in which you operate. If you are just starting, creating a logo, is the first step, after which we will design a website, including page structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts and images.

Project development

During the programming phase, we will work on creating fast, transparent and functional web pages. Depending on the needs, programming can include the creation of web presentations, online stores, web applications, cms systems, landing pages, connecting to social networks or creating a web portal or blogs.

Advertising on the Internet

Through various sales channels we will place your offer to end customers, by organizing marketing campaigns that includes Facebook and Instagram advertising, Google AdWords advertising, social networking, email marketing or writing and placing PR texts.

Maintenance, testing and monitoring

During maintenance, we constantly test the functionality of all scripts on the site, as well as compatibility, ensuring that everything is optimized for the most popular browsers. A very important thing is keeping the system up-to-date, with regular upgrades that will protect you from errors and reduce security risks.

Website development

We will create a website that will have all the features and functionalities you need to fully meet the needs of your online business. We approach each web site individually, through detailed planning, web design and programming, marketing and constant improvement.

The ultimate goal is to create modern, professional and fast web pages that will be easy to use for end-users, which are in line with the latest technologies and standards and which allow positioning at the top of Google search.

Ecommerce development

By creating an online web store, you will increase sales and expand your business to new sales channels. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, an online store will significantly bring your product and service closer to end customers and facilitate the process of internet shopping. Your store will be available 24 hours a day for customers and new orders, you will present your complete offer and improve communication with customers.

Our websites are designed to attract new customers, provide a pleasant shopping experience, and simplify store management for you.

Web application development

By creating a web application you will reduce your operating costs, increase efficiency, improve collaboration and activities within the company. In this way, you get the time to focus on other business activities.

An important advantage is that, with the help of web applications, you have an insight into daily activities from anywhere using mobile devices.

Logo Design

Creating a new unique company logo or redesigning an existing one that will best represent the visual identity of your company on the market is a process that involves the creation, creation and design of logos for the needs of individuals, organizations, businesses and one of the key things in branding a company.

Taking into consideration color schemes, typography, and other basic design principles, our web design team will work with you to create an impressive and affordable logo design that will represent your brand in best way.

SEO optimization

Through SEO analysis, including research of competition, markets and key words, we create a complete project plan with clear objectives for implementation, efficiency and success.

SEO optimization of the website, combined with user experience, including technical optimization, helps us to improve the position of the site in Google searches.


In order for your business to grow and be successful in the digital world, it is necessary to explore and apply all the ways you come to potential customers. We will make a plan of actions to do on the Internet in order to increase the number of customers and sales. With a great online strategy of services with customized, digital solutions, you can turn your business into a leader in your industry.

Creating advertising campaigns and advertising on the Internet, advertising via social media, email marketing and advertising with Facebook ads, Google AdWords ads, YouTube and LinkedIn will increase sales and number of customers.

Social media and profile management

Management and maintaining accounts on social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, means conducting online advertising campaigns, creating a digital strategy, targeting audience, creating content and advertising.

Professional management of Facebook and Instagram pages, LinkedIn and Twitter company profiles will increase the number of fans, your visibility on social networks, the number of site visits and increase customer conversion.

Website maintenace

Maintaining a website is a very important factor after creating a website. Monitoring, creating backups, analyzing results and updating the site with quality content are necessary for achieving results, i.e. increase visits and rank in the first search results on search engines like Google,Yahoo or Bing. Your site should meet high standards on the web to keep up with competition and be available to thousands of potential customers.

The site maintenance service includes updating, improving and analyzing an existing site, and if you are not satisfied with the layout and functionality of the site, you can also consider creating a completely new site from the beginning, which will have all the necessary functionalities and features.

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